Day 22:Post Op

Day 22:Post Op

Three weeks gone. I can’t believe how quickly the weeks go. It’s 8 weeks till Christmas guys. 8 weeks! Let’s hope that everything’s sorted by then,that my braces are off and my treatement over with so I can fully enjoy my Christmas pigging out on all the foods I love. Mars bar advent calander included,shall we? It sounds pathetic but ever since I got my braces three years ago,Mars bars are the chocolate that I’ve missed being able to have. As soon as they’re off that’s the first thing I’m going for.

There’s no point in telling you what I had for breakfast,because at the moment it’s rather repetitive. Two weaterbix,a cup of tea and mashed chocolate digestives if you hadn’t guessed.

We then wondered into town,I went into whsmiths and bought Elle magazine(for research purposes and for the Benedict cumberbatch interview) and InStyle because of Leighton Meester. I’m recovering so I’m allowed a few magazines,right? The other excuse being I’m a magazine journalism student so need to see what’s happening in magazines. That’s the reason I’m going with anyway.

After browsing Waterstones(and surprisingly coming out with nothing,despite there being lots of books I wanted,but couldn’t afford) we came back to my Nan’s.

Lunch was nice,but something I struggled with a little. Banana sandwich,quavers(which I couldn’t eat) and a gingerbread man mashed. I think it’s safe to say nothing can keep me away from biscuits. Glad I’ve found a way to eat them again.

I then looked through the mags I bought and chilled.

The swellings gone down again today and I feel like the left side of my face is starting to take shape. The dribbling is subsiding a lot too,I’m now just making sure I have a tissue handy if I need it. We’ll see how long that lasts,shall we?

Mum also booked my hair for Monday afternoon so hopefully I’ll feel better so I can finally get my mop of hair sorted and have a bit of a try on.

I can’t believe it’s only been three weeks,it feels like so much longer.
Still a long way to go yet though.



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