Day 23:Post Op


Day 23: Post op

Arrived home from my Nan’s at 5.30. Was lovely to see and show my family my new look. If you can really call it that. I don’t see it personally but apparently my family do by the way they keep staring at me and apologising. Quite comical really.

Breakfast was,you guessed it crushed digestives and one weaterbix rather than two. I don’t know why I talk about what I eat because,quite frankly not much changes in my diet at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll start broadening my eating habits.

I also had my other gingerbread man we get from greggs at around 11. Nothing beats the taste of gingerbread. Takes me back to my childhood when we used to (still do at times) go up to the farm shop,feed the animals and get the veg for dinner along with a gingerbread man to have for lunch.

My cousins arrived at around midday. It was lovely to see them and have a catch up.

Lunch was the hardest. As they all tucked into mini pizzas and picky bits, I was stick with tomato soup,which didn’t really go down well,probably because I knew that there was better things on offer if I could have eaten them.

We left around 2.30 and arrived home at 5.30. I finished the bourbons with a cuppa whilst I waited for dinner. Guess what? More mash,broccoli,cauliflower and meatball gravy.

Hopefully going to town tomorrow to have a bit of a try on because,as I mentioned yesterday the dribbling is going and I’m apparently starting to look more like myself,despite me personally not seeing it.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved in only 3 weeks though. Hopefully it improves so I can go back to Southampton soon as I’m missing my uni fam lots.

This weekend will be spent working on my feature to reach the deadline for Wednesday. I’ll be really happy if I do that on time.

Also I saw this article in the metro this morning. Anyone who knows me would know how cool this is to me. If anyone has a spare £5milliln they’re willing to part with,then you know where I am. Ha




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