Day 51 and 52:Post Op

Day 51:

Remember the meat,yorkshires and potatoes with gravy I said I was having for dinner in my last post? Yeah,that didn’t go down well atall. As soon as I walked into the kitchen and smelt the gravy, I gagged. It brought back far too many memories of liquidised food. Bleurgh. Safe to say I won’t be having gravy anytime soon.

I made up for not eating dinner the previous night,yesterday. Had the same for lunch as I had Thursday so I won’t bore you with that.

Me and mum did go for a McDonald’s last night though,which I managed to eat. Dad also bought in a chicken and pineapple pizza which I didn’t think I’d be able to eat but could.

Day 52:

Me and mum went shopping today. Before that though we finished off the left over pizza.

Shopping was a success. Bought three jumpers(two of which are being wrapped for Christmas) and a bobble hat(which is also being wrapped). It got me even more excited for New York. Six weeks Monday,guys. Oh my god!

By the time we finished,I really fancied a McDonald’s burger as that was one thing I was yet to tackle. Success. I ate walking back to the train station and it was delicious.

We then had sausages in rolls and chocolate cheesecake for pudding. The sausages went down well. For some reason though I can manage them but not rolls which is odd. The cheesecake was nice too.

Sorry I feel like these posts are literally about good and what I eat at the moment. Starting to think I’ll just blog when exciting things to do with the process happen. My appointment on Monday for example.

Expect my next post then as I feel these are getting boring now.

Hope you’re all well lovelies 😘


Day 49 and 50:Post Op




Day 49:Post Op

Good news. I can eat Dominoes! Managed half of a cheese and tomato pizza and two cookies on Tuesday night. Success. Getting back to my student ways.

I came home for the weekend today. Before that though I went into uni for half hour only to find out my lecture was cancelled. Sat with two of my coursemates whilst they had a fried breakfast. I haven’t quite conquered that yet,hoping to this weekend.

After coming back to the flat and cooking myself some lunch I went and got my train home.

Met my cousin at my stop off in Brighton for a few hours which was nice as I hadn’t seen her since the day before my op,whereas I had the rest of her family. Was lovely to see her and we found another cute cake shop to catch up in. Chocolate orange cake exists guys,and it’s the best thing. I think I have a thing for chocolate orange at the moment. We then went to the amusements on the seafront before I continued my journey home.

Arrived home at 6 to lasagne and doughnuts. Yum! Safe to say my appetites coming back.

Day 50: Post Op

7 weeks ago. Mental. Time goes too quickly.

It felt like all I done was eat today. Weaterbix,biscuits,cake and fish fingers and potato smileys. My appetites back alright. Suppose it’s a good thing as I do need to put on weight.

The script book of the film Third Star that I won arrived today. Love it. Can’t wait to read it.

Just waiting for dinner. Potatoes,Yorkshire and possibly some meat and gravy. Hope it goes down well.

I love being home. Proper food.

Hope you’re well


Day 48:Post Op

After not going to bed till 1,the 9am start proved difficult this morning.

I made it though and made more progress on my work for Ed Hub. After my lecture I came back and started editing a video before attending my seminar.

I’d booked my tutorial for music for today despite not finishing the work,but I worried for nothing. I always do. All turned out well and I’ve just got to make a few changes before hand in next week. So after law tomorrow I can go home for the weekend and relax. Think me and mum have planned a shopping trip for Saturday which will be nice.

I came home about 2 and had a jacket potato before meeting Katherine for another hot chocolate. My 4th within the space of two weeks. They’re so good though.

Then went back to uni for a supposed guest lecture which was empty when we got to the room so I came back.

Tim’s round tonight and were going to watch Begin Again and hopefully I’ll be able to eat dominoes. I’ll let you know the process in tomorrow’s post.

Hope you’re all well.


Day 47:Post Op









A more exciting blogpost which I’ll try and make as relevant to post op as I can.

I only went and met Olly Murs last night. Before that though I went for McDonald’s pancakes which were lush. I ate two out of three which wasn’t bad.

Then,Thanks to my coursemate Steph for agreeing to go with me,we spent the afternoon in London looking around the shops in oxford street and looking at all the pretty decorations.

We then had a McDonald’s(chicken nugget happy meals,can’t go wrong). I thought I’d get that just incase I couldn’t eat it. Turned out I could,well the nuggets anyway,chips not so much. It’s weird to explain to someone who doesn’t know the different how hard it is to chew McDonald’s chips as their so thin. Anyway it went down well.

After lunch we went to hmv to purchase the cd and joined the queue outside to wait to be let in. Good job we got in the queue when we did otherwise we wouldn’t have heard the security guard say about those with live and signing tickets which we had. I gather there were two types,those with live and signing and those with just signing. Because we had both we got to go in the store first and go upstairs.

When it said live gig I assumed everyone would just gather round in the store,oh man were we wrong. We walked up the stairs to be greeted by a small stage at the back of the room. Talk about intimate.

Despite waiting two hours for him to come on,it was so worth it. He chatted and had banter with us,and even said hello to a girl on FaceTime,before signing three songs :Dear Darlin,History and Wrapped Up. So great to see him live again as I hadn’t since 2011.

After the live gig,the signing began. Oh my god,let me tell you,not only getting to meet but also get hugs and kisses and called babe from Olly Murs is the best thing ever! I’m so glad I finally got to meet him.

I didn’t realise how different I looked until I looked at my photo with him. I look good. Sorry to be vain. The only annoying thing is how big my teeth seem at the moment. Hopefully they won’t seem too bad once the braces come off.

Needless to say we came out of the event on a real high and took us a few moments to get our bearings. We got home safe though.

It was such a great day. Thanks so much to Steph for coming with me and to Tim for keeping me company whilst I done some more of my music work for my tutorial.

Hope you’re all well and enjoyed this more exciting blogpost. The vlog I filmed is down below so I hope you enjoy that too.






Day 45 and 46:Post Op

Day 45:

Today was quite frankly crap. Nothing went right and didn’t feel great. Stupid braces,stupid mouth. I decided to put that down to the fact that I came back a week yesterday. I tend to get upset or have bad days on the day I come back to Southampton after I’ve been home for the weekend.

I planned on doing work but that didn’t happen. I blamed the op as I struggled because I hadn’t been there for the lessons. Instead I felt sorry for myself and sat and watched Two Pints whilst eating biscuits and drinking lots of tea.

As random as this sounds. I sneezed four times in a row today. Right for those who don’t know me,I used to sneeze after most hot meals I ate. Don’t ask me why,I’ve no idea. Since the op however,I hadn’t sneezed after I’d eaten hot meals,it was mainly after biscuits but even then it only used to be once. Last night though,I had chips,a bit of a donut and some biscuits and then I sneezed four times. Somehow I think it’s cleared my nose and made my speech sound a bit better. Well,according to my mum anyway. I don’t think I sound much different.

Day 46:

Today was a bit better. By better I mean I got up and had a shower and got myself ready for the day. I watched Olly Murs on Sunday brunch. Still hoping someone will offer to come with me tomorrow otherwise I won’t go on my own and it seems appropriate cos I can write about it for my music review so if anyone’s an Olly fan let me know.

Jacket potato for lunch was lush. The first thing to go down well(food wise anyway) in ages.

I then cracked on with more of my music so I now only have my artist biography on the Manics to write and my live review. Hoping the band I’ve contacted for my new artist orfile will get back to me soon. Hopefully kill two birds with one stone if I can interview them on my way home on Wednesday. If not plan B.

I’m only in two days next week as my 9am lecture tomorrow’s been cancelled. So only 5 hours at uni separates me from a long weekend at home.

Hope you’re all well.

I’m off for a cuppa(I know how much do I drink) before getting on with the rest of my music.

If I do go to Olly tomorrow then a full low down of everything that happens will follow. If not,sorry but you’re stuck with another boring blog post. I hope for all our sakes that I go so I this blog will have some light and a more exciting post.

To those who have stuck around and read my ramblings,I really appreciate it.

Lots of love


Day 43 and 44:Post Op





First I’ll say sorry for lacking in writing on this for the past few days.

I’ll start with the most exciting news before I actually get into the post if that’s ok. Me and Lucy got tickets to see S Club 7 in Bournemouth on 12th May. Eeep! Needless to say it caused quite a debate in my music lesson the next morning. *cough*

Day 43:

6 weeks have past! Where’s the time gone? Jaw is finally healed,I think. They said 4-6 weeks so hopefully we’re all good.

It was refreshing to be back in my music lectures(despite it being the last one before submission). I’d forgotten how fun they were.

Suffered with tooth ache but as previously mentioned it’s the braces that are annoying me to no end now.

Didn’t get back to the flat till three as I went around town and got another orange hot chocolate from costa. Knew it wouldn’t be long before I was back there for one. I didn’t even last a day! I got it to take away which I thought would be difficult so got a straw despite not being able to drink with one since I had it done. I drank straight out the cup straight out of surgery so I done it all a bit backwards as most used a straw. So being able to use a straw was a bit of a thing,even though I can drink out of a take away cup too.

Not getting back till late meant a late lunch of waffles and turkey dinosaurs. You’ve no idea how happy it makes me to know I can eat normally(well what I call a student diet again).

The evening was spent working on my blogpost for music-which I found quite nostalgic,especially as it was about bands that had reformed this year. Whether it’s good is a different story,but we’ll see Tuesday when I have my tutorial.

No pain anymore,still a bit of swelling occasionally and the smile is slowly come back as you can see from the pictures above.

Day 44:

Day off today and more progress made. I can now eat pizza! I could anyway but just not that well. Possibility of dominoes on Tuesday I think.

Town happened which meant more CEX shopping and another trip to costa. Ooops. This time Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps boxset. Yes Sheridan! I’m getting more like Rory Gilmore everyday(with hot chocolate rather than coffee).

Not a lot to report really. Sorry about that.

Hope you’re well. 😘

Day 42:Post Op




Didn’t get much of a rest today. Had a 9-11 seminar then came back to the flat for skips and a cake before meeting Georgia for coffee. Everyone needs to try the Orange Hot Chocolates from Costa,they’re the best things ever!

Then came home and finished and submitted my essay. So happy it’s done. Now I’ve just got to work on my music.

After working solidly for four hours I met Tim and Sarah and went back to Costa for a tea. I then received my present from Tim in the form of the Once scarf I’ve been wanting for ages. Love it so much.

Needless to say when Sarah came back and we reheated the chips from the chippy yesterday,I was ready for them and they went down a treat.

Took some silly selfies(getting those ugly faces back,which is good,I think) and watched some tv.

Sorry for the boring blogpost. They’re not that exciting now,are they?

I can’t believe it’s 6 weeks tomorrow since I had it done. Where are the weeks going? It’s almost Christmas. Man I hope my braces come off on the first so I can have a Mars advent 😂

Hope you’re all well you lovely lot

Up bright and early to try my luck at getting tickets to S Club 7.

Wish me luck!