Day 24:Post Op





Day 24:Post Op

I didn’t do much this morning. I said I was going to work on my feature but that didn’t happen,not the writing of it anyway. I did however look through Elle at the sort of feature I’m writing and looked up the media kit. I’ll start properly tomorrow.

In post op news:Oreos are the latest biscuits to be mashed and they taste delicious. I’ve only taken one lot of paracetamol today too,which is good. Having it when I’m in pain rather than every 4 hours regardless.

Lunch was bread butter and marmite and let me tell you it was lovely to have that taste back(even if it was on bread rather than toast).

I began to struggle around 2 when I got ready to go to town. Regardless of not feeling great I went to town and spent my vouchers and some money on some winter clothes. A new coat in a plum colour, a heart shaped necklace,checkered skirt and leggings and a jumper I’ve been wanting for a while. I also bought a new blusher and some sponges. Mum also treated me to a stand up circle mirror. I’m very happy with my purchases and I feel I’m starting to feel more like myself.

It’s still weird looking in the mirror,but it’s starting to be a good weird and I’m beginning to realise this was how my chin and jaw were supposed to grow.

The swelling changes on my face daily and seems to be in different places. Today it’s more round my chin rather than on my nose or cheeks. Anyone who didn’t know I’d had it done wouldn’t know the difference I don’t think. The pain was originally on the left side of my face,but today decided to move to my right instead,which is annoying. Despite that though I feel ok in myself,I just need to get my speech better.

Will be happy when Wednesday comes around though as despite having a deadline, I also have another hospital appointment. I feel I need to be reassured just so I know that everyone’s ok and how it should be.

I also got a follow on twitter from Elizabeth croft which was a nice surprise.

Today was a pretty good day. I can’t lie though,I do want to go back to Southampton now. Hopefully I’ll get told on Wednesday that I can.

Hope you’re all well and I can’t thankyou enough for reading my experience.


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