Day 25:Post Op

Day 25:Post Op

Today was rather productive. I wrote my feature,which I’m really pleased with. 1,000 words wasn’t a lot to fit it all in,especially on the topic of the whirlwind experience that’s been this journey but I’m pleased with it all the same. I’ve just got to do the last few tweaks and lay it out. I’m glad that,despite being off uni for nearly a month I can meet at least one of my deadlines.

I found my whole face hurt more today,rather than just my chin or particular side of my jaw.

Lunch was scrambled egg which was nice,but a bit difficult to eat. Dinner was goulash. Tried it without it being blended which I found hard to eat so it ended up be mash(again) and gravy goulash with bread.

Glad to be eating normal sized portions again even if it is of similar things because I can’t chew.

Booked my haircut for tomorrow so will hopefully post some photos tomorrow so you can get an idea of how I now look.

Hope you’re all well and had a lovely weekend 😘

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