Day 26:Post Op

Day 26:

Today started off well. After having breakfast and watching friends I made some tweaks to my feature and began laying it out.

It was at lunch time when things started to go a bit wrong. I blitzed vegetable soup which didn’t turn out nice,so had tomato instead. I then thought I’d broken the blender(turns out I hadn’t) and generally didn’t feel great.

I met mum from work and walked down to the hairdressers. Quite frankly I could have given or taken my hair being washed(I was dreading putting my head over the basin) or touched at that moment,but I went all the same and was glad I did. Having my head over the basin wasn’t too bad either.

Me and my hairdresser pretty much spent the whole time she was cutting my hair talking about New York which got me more excited to go in January.

I’ve got a lot of swelling around my face still but I think I’m finally ready to post some photos. So,I present to you,the new me(well I say new me,not in personality but looks). I’m very pleased and I’m excited for the swelling to go down and for my braces to hopefully come off soon.

I’m now looking to the future. I hope to be back in Southampton soon and get back on track with work,to hopefully by the end of my degree,come away with a first.

I took some photos each week so here’s a few from week 2-now.

Week 2:




Week 3:




I really look more like my dad in this photo as you can tell.


Week 4(the most recent ones)





I really look like my mum in that last photo.

Hope you’re all well


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