Day 27:Post Op


Day 27:Post Op

So yesterday’s blog post has been viewed 398 times. That’s insane. It beat day 7 and my Olivier’s post off the chart by a long shot. Thankyou all so much for reading it and for all the lovely comments.

It took alot of courage for me to post photos and theyve gotten a good response(not that it should matter,it’s just nice to know that people like the new look as much as I do).

I’d like to say today was productive. It wasn’t really,well not really until a few hours ago. I put off my work for most of the day(mainly because I was watching friends). Anyway,when I did go to start my layout,I found that my trial of InDesign had expired,today. Typical! After failing to redownload a trial,I gave in and downloaded creative cloud which gives me access to all the programmes I’ll need over the next year or so of my course for £15 a month.

Really pleased with how the layout is turning out too if I’m honest. Found it very therapeutic writing the feature and it was fun designing the layout in the style of a particular magazine.

Success on the dinner eating front tonight. Breakfast and lunch are the same everyday so I won’t bore you with that any longer. Dinner though,was mash(again) with the fish mashed from fish fingers and bean juice. So good!

It was so weird waking up with a fringe this morning. I’m also getting used to sleeping properly and more comfortably again,which I’m pleased about,there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night in pain or just not being able to sleep.

It’s around 4/5 and nearer bed time that I struggle with pain at the moment(natural I guess). I somehow think the nurofen I take before bed knocks me out for the time required to sleep. Guess that’s the idea.

Anyway I’m still swollen around my cheeks,hoping that goes gradually. The bruise on my neck has now completely gone and the dribbling has it’s moments.

Another hospital appointment tomorrow for change of wire and bands on my back braces to fix the back bite a bit more. Great. Hoping it’s not too bad or for long. I suppose having them on the 4th week isn’t bad,considering after I came out of surgery I was expecting my mouth to be banned up and not able to speak.

Also hoping she tells me that I can go back to uni and Southampton soon as I really miss it.

Hope you’re all doing well you lovely lot 😘

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