Day 28:Post Op

Day 28:Post Op

Today is a good day. My first assignment for the year is submitted(had to resub it and change a few things but I feel it’s now better). Despite being at home recovering I’m glad that I managed to get my work in to deadline.

The hospital appointment I had today went well too. I saw the surgeon and my orthodontist and then another dentist changed my wire and the colour of my brackets and added elastics to both sides of my back teeth. They’re hard to get out,and no doubt they’ll be harder to put in too. I’ve now finished my post op appointments so I’m back to normal appointments from the 1st.

Despite knowing I’m going to have trouble with the elastics I’ve now been told I can go back to normal eating.

I did just that this afternoon and this evening. Even though it’s going to take a while to get used to biting and chewing again,I’m excited to be back on proper food again. I had an egg and egg cup for lunch(I struggled with the toast), chips and a sausage from the chippy for dinner and a cake for pudding. I can eat cake again,you’ve no idea how happy this makes me.

My jaw and mouth now hurt however,which is annoying but to be expected I guess.

Off uni for another week or so just to be on the safe side so I can get used to putting in the elastics,get my diet back to normal and stop feeling tired. She did say I could justify staying off till Christmas by the surgery I had,but quite frankly I’m ready to go back,I just want to go back and be able to do everything I could before without worrying about something going wrong. Hopefully it won’t take to long to get used to everything then I’ll be back in Southampton,back at uni and back vlogging and hopefully still writing this blog too.

Now I’m going to have a cup of tea,go and clean my teeth and attempt to put the bands back in. This could be interesting.

Will keep you updated with the process. Hope you’re all well.


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