Day 29:Post Op

Day 29:Post Op

This is just going to be a quick one as I’ve just woken up off the sofa and I’ve just gotten in bed to go back to sleep.

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since surgery. It goes so quick. Whilst we’re saying how quick the weeks go:Its 11 weeks till New York!!

The swelling was around my chin again today,it tends to vary on where it is each day.

I didn’t do much atall today,I lounged in my pjs till about 5. I know,but I’m still recovering. I also read a bit of Caitlin Moran’s first book. Loving it so far.

The elastics weren’t changed until after lunch(or rather I didn’t brave it until after then). It took me a good 15 minutes to get them in,they’re so tiny and it’s really annoying that one small band has to connect to all four hooks in a square shape on the right side of my mouth. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to have two just going straight down but then they wouldn’t make the box shape.

Dinner was mash,bean juice and whole fish fingers as apposed to just the fish mashed down. Going food shopping tomorrow for some more food. Want to see and know that I can eat properly before going back to uni. Basically I need to know I can eat McDonald’s and pizza because that’s pretty much what my uni diet consists off.

That’s about it for today. I battled once again with the elastics a few minutes ago and got a bit upset and irritated.

They’re in anyway and hopefully making a difference.

On that note I’m off to bed.

Hipe you’re all well.

Night guys


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