Day 30:Post Op

Day 30:Post Op

I slept from 10 last night till 8 this morning. It’s silly how tired I am at the moment when I’m not even doing anything. Although that’s probably why I’m tired.

The status I posted earlier about today being a day where I watch my review copy of Begin Again and edit some videos I forgot to upload? Yeah,that didn’t happen.

Ok so I started my review but I didn’t edit those videos,mainly because there isn’t a lot of content and because when I edit a video,i have to upload it straight after it’s done. it takes forever to upload here though. They’re not that interesting anyway,it’s literally me talking about the trip I took to CEX when I first discovered it and about 30 seconds of footage of me and my cousin enjoying cupcakes in catwalk cakes in Brighton. If you’d still like me to post it then let me know and I will.

After not doing what I said I was going to do today I made scrambled egg(for the first time ever,I may add),battled once again with elastics and caught up on The Passing Bells.

I then met my mum from work and we went into town to buy some food for dinner over the next few days.

Dinner was spaghetti Bolognese and chocolate pudding and oh my god guys it was SO good to be back to eating proper food(even if it did take me a while to figure out how to chew).

The swelling is gradually going down and the dribbling has been alot better today. I also sneezed for the first time. You probably don’t realise how relieved I was. It sounds silly I know and you’re probably think ‘Emily,I don’t care’ but I’ll tell you something-I used to sneeze after pretty much every meal so not sneezing for a month was a good thing,but odd. My nose now feels so much clearer and I can talk a bit more properly. I just wish the try lips would subside.

It only gets better from here(I hope).



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