Day 31:Post Op



Day 31:Post Op

To quote my mum today ‘I think I’ve got my girl back today’.

I woke up feeling a lot better and more like myself. So much so that I managed to get dressed in my new clothes. I found out a polo neck top that at one point didn’t look right on me,but today because my jaw isn’t so long anymore it fit better and suited me more. I made more of an effort,putting on some make up before going to folkestone for a wander around the town.

More shopping happened in Primark and I picked up a copy of harpers bazaar before going into Asda and enjoyed a slice of Victoria sponge and my first coke for 5 weeks. Took me a while to get used to the taste again and it tasted better out of the bottle than it did out of a cup.

Needles to say by the time I came home at 3ish I was tired and the pain came back.

I had an early dinner of chicken dippers,potato shapes and beans and sausages which took me back to my childhood,despite it being the type of dinner I’d eat at uni. The chicken dippers were the hardest. I can’t get used to the biting,but then I suppose it’s having to get used to it as I never could in the first place.

The elastics cooperated today and started to go in better which is good. Hopefully it continues.

Today was a good day.


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