Day 32 and Day 33:Post Op




Day 32 & 33 Post Op

I’ve really slacked over the past few days blogging. That must be because I uploaded two videos to my YouTube channel. I always seem to post less when I vlog. Well,that’s part of the reason. The other being I’ve been asleep rather early the past few days and haven’t updated,so I’ll do that now.

Day 32:

I woke up to a lovely message from my friend in New Zealand which made me a bit emotional,which continued throughout the day.

It was today that I began to believe those who told me how beautiful i am. I finally started to feel beautiful and liked how I looked,as cliche as that sounds.

Not alot happened. It was mainly a cosy day. I wrote a review of Begin Again and uploaded and filmed a video. The one I promised a while back was put up and I filmed a video about World War 1 which I uploaded yesterday. You can check them out below:

I can’t remember what I had for lunch,but I had my favourite dinner,Shephereds Pie. It took me a while and I got a bit annoyed when i first tried it because my mouth decided to spasm quite alot. Once I stopped thinking about it though it was ok and went down well.

Day 33:

I made a plan of what work I have to do,but didn’t actually do any like I planned.

Instead I had the left over shepherds pie and lounged in my pjs. I should warn you now that these posts aren’t really about how I look right now,they’re mainly about me eating because that’s what I’ve been told I can do and am getting used to doing again.

So ready to get back to reality.

Hope you’re all good.


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