Day 34 and 35:Post Op

Day 34 and 35:Post Op

Day 34:

I was fine today aside from when I come back from lunch with my dad.

I got irritated at how long it took me to finish food. Ridiculous I know but cold chips are never nice and it’s so hard to explain to people how weird it is to be able to bite properly and having to chew differently to before. I couldn’t properly before and found I pulled my food away from my mouth to bite rather than actually biting. That probably doesn’t make sense but anyway.

I’m so ready to go back to realty and back to uni(which I am on Monday),it would just be nice to be able to eat a bit more properly before I do.

Day 35:

Highlights are now back in my hair! Forgot how much it hurt when she pulled my hair through the cap. Worth it though.

Came home and had scrambled egg for lunch and cracked on with some of my essay and music portfolio. Glad I’ve made a start. Hoping to reach my deadlines as I don’t want to slack if I can help it.

Also managed to have fish cake(with the batter removed) and chips from the chippy for dinner and it went down a treat.

I think i changed my elastics more today than I have yet. They were irritating today. My whole mouth and teeth were thinking about it.

Just woke up from falling asleep on the sofa(again). I can’t seem to last past 9pm without falling asleep at the moment which is annoying,but to expected after the procedure I went through I guess. Probably doesn’t help that I haven’t done much. Hopefully when I go back to uni and get back into a routine it will be better.

So glad I don’t have lecturers past 1pm at the moment as I’m drained by 3.

Right I’m off to go back to sleep.

Hope you’re all well.

Sorry if these posts are beginning to get boring as they’re not really about my progress and more about my eating habits now.

I do however want to keep this up,until my braces are off for my own record so I can look back at a later date.

Thankyou to those who are reading these posts. I really appreciate it.

Night you lovely lot



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