Day 36:Post Op

Day 36: Post Op

Sorry again for not posting yesterday. It was a real down day where I got upset about the littlest things. I felt very negative and went through a phase of not wanting to go back to uni.

I tried to do some work and failed. I felt like everything I wrote was rubbish and that any of the work I would submit this semester wouldn’t have
been good or get a good grade because of how I felt. The littlest things just annoyed me and the fact that I got my foot stuck in the door just tipped me over the edge.

It was just a really bad and horrible day and I’m glad it’s over.

We went to town and got some rolls and cake for tea which we come back and had. I also rediscovered chocolate spread. Don’t ask. I had it as a kid and then for some reason fancied it again. I bought it which then resulted in me coming home and eating it out of the pot. How American.

Speaking of America. You’ve probably seen on my Facebook but the thing that cheered me up(even though it’s in Texas and I can’t go) is that the Gilmore Girls are reuniting at a television convention next year. Hopefully that means something. Please be a movie.

But yeah not alot happened and I don’t even know why I just told you about being down but you know. I like to document these things,even the bad days. I honestly think yesterday was the most low day I’ve had since I had the op done if I’m honest.

Just got to start thinking positive and not worry because it will all fall in to place. I still don’t want to go back but I know once I’m there I’ll get back into a routine. Presides,I’m only there for 10 days then I’m home again for an appointment(please be braces off pleaseeee). Then back for another 10 then home for Christmas. Hopefully it will fly by.

Sorry for the down post. Today’s post will follow later,hopefully a bit more cheerful. Just wanted to explain yesterday first.

Hope you’re all well.


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