Day 37:Post Op

Day 37: Post Op

Today was better than yesterday. Not great,but better. Was a bit productive(took till the afternoon) but anyway,my essay is started which I’m happy about. Found out I’ve got an extension if I need it which is good.

Breakfast is still weaterbix(think I’ll be back to biscuits when I go back to uni as I can never make it right) and I haven’t tried toast yet.

Lunch was nice-a potato smiley roll and chocolate spread for pudding. That sounds so odd. Dad came in and said that he wasn’t kissing me because I was eating it at the time. Sorry dad. Ha.

Also managed chicken pie for dinner and it was so delicious.

Currently sat watching Children in Need. Glad I was home for it as it’s a tradition that me and mum watch it. No idea why it’s just become a thing.

Back to uni over the weekend so will post when I’m back.

Sorry this is probably the most boring and pointless post yet.

Hope you’re all well.



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