Day 38 and 39:Post Op


Day 38 and 39:Post Op

Quick update of the past few days before bed.

Day 38:

I went back to Southampton today. Was rather difficult to go back but once I got on the train it couldn’t come quick enough. 5 hours is too long to spend on a train when you could fall asleep at any moment. I didn’t though,instead I read Christmas with Billy and Me and listened to music.

It wasn’t until I had my stop off at Brighton before getting the train to Southampton that I realised how hungry I was. I bought some skips and a Milky Way from smiths and without really thinking ate half the packet of skips(with my elastic in) before my train arrived.

Believe it or not when I got back to Southampton I was glad to be back. I’d really missed it. Was greeted by Tim at the station and he came back for a cuppa. Katherine came in and checked on me,as did Andy,my flatmates which was nice. Sarah also came round for a bit too.

Was lovely to see them,and for them to see that I don’t look much different and that I’m still me.

Dinner was simple,beans and sausage at 9pm before I went past it. I didn’t realise how tired I was until my head hit the pillow either.

Day 39:

I woke up an hour before my alarm this morning,bright and early at 8.15 with a bad shoulder. Brilliant.

Myself and Katherine then went to town. DVD shopping happened in CEX. Surprise surprise.

Began to suffer at around 1 with my jaw aching and spasms so went and bought some paracetamol before going to costa for a tea.

We then came back and cooked lunch. Scrambled egg and a trifle pudding before watching a few films.

I then wrote a bit more of my essay. Slowly getting there. Hopefully get it done by the deadline on Wednesday but if not I’ll take the extension I’ve been offered even though I don’t particularly want to.

Had garlic bread and potato waffles for dinner before chilling. My mouths started to hurt again now but I don’t think I’ve realised how much talking I’ve been doing etc. Taking it easy.

Off to bed as I’m up quite early for an hour at uni tomorrow. Dreading the initial walking isn’t lesson tomorrow but hoping it won’t be too bad. Hopefully I’m not too far behind. I’ll report back tomorrow how it goes.

Hope you’re ok you lovely lot


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