Day 40 & 41:Post Op

Sorry for not updating uou guys the past few days. I’ve basically been settling back in and meeting deadlines.

Day 40:

And I worried for nothing about the walking into uni on Monday.

I was the first one there(as always) and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I got asked how I was feeling and that I looked great. Always nice to get compliments. I was glad to be back and it was lovely to see everyone again.

Uni life has resumed as normal and it’s as though I haven’t been away.

Lunch was scrambled egg as I went and got some eggs from Tesco. I also got some skips as I realised I could eat them,some cake bars(which proved a big difficult to eat at first but didn’t take too long to get used to) and some chocolate spread. Don’t ask because I don’t know.

I met Amie for a hot chocolate and found it annoying when I couldn’t have a cookie because I would have to have taken out my elastics. I think that’s the only annoying thing,having to take them out most times I eat.

Made progress on the essay and went to bed happy.

Day 41:

Biscuits for breakfast. A 15 minute lecture which was meant to be an hour but wasn’t,another two hour seminar(I went in at 11-1 instead of 1-3) and sausage and chips for lunch.

Good day despite my teeth hurting. Swear it’s the braces. Most annoying thing in the world right now.

Uni seemed happy that I had managed to get my work in on time and liked the idea for my online idea for ed hub which is awesome.

Almost finished my essay. Hoping to get it done by deadline tomorrow.

Oh yeah,not uni or op related. I won tickets to meet Olly Murs at his cd signing next week so expect a post and a possible vlog about that next week. Eeeek!

Again sorry for these posts not being op related anymore. There isn’t much to report now I’m back at uni and back in routine,eating reasonably and not hurting too much.

I’ll continue to title them op related as they still kind of are as it’s eating progress now rather than looks progress.

Hope you’re all well



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