Day 42:Post Op




Didn’t get much of a rest today. Had a 9-11 seminar then came back to the flat for skips and a cake before meeting Georgia for coffee. Everyone needs to try the Orange Hot Chocolates from Costa,they’re the best things ever!

Then came home and finished and submitted my essay. So happy it’s done. Now I’ve just got to work on my music.

After working solidly for four hours I met Tim and Sarah and went back to Costa for a tea. I then received my present from Tim in the form of the Once scarf I’ve been wanting for ages. Love it so much.

Needless to say when Sarah came back and we reheated the chips from the chippy yesterday,I was ready for them and they went down a treat.

Took some silly selfies(getting those ugly faces back,which is good,I think) and watched some tv.

Sorry for the boring blogpost. They’re not that exciting now,are they?

I can’t believe it’s 6 weeks tomorrow since I had it done. Where are the weeks going? It’s almost Christmas. Man I hope my braces come off on the first so I can have a Mars advent 😂

Hope you’re all well you lovely lot

Up bright and early to try my luck at getting tickets to S Club 7.

Wish me luck!



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