Day 43 and 44:Post Op





First I’ll say sorry for lacking in writing on this for the past few days.

I’ll start with the most exciting news before I actually get into the post if that’s ok. Me and Lucy got tickets to see S Club 7 in Bournemouth on 12th May. Eeep! Needless to say it caused quite a debate in my music lesson the next morning. *cough*

Day 43:

6 weeks have past! Where’s the time gone? Jaw is finally healed,I think. They said 4-6 weeks so hopefully we’re all good.

It was refreshing to be back in my music lectures(despite it being the last one before submission). I’d forgotten how fun they were.

Suffered with tooth ache but as previously mentioned it’s the braces that are annoying me to no end now.

Didn’t get back to the flat till three as I went around town and got another orange hot chocolate from costa. Knew it wouldn’t be long before I was back there for one. I didn’t even last a day! I got it to take away which I thought would be difficult so got a straw despite not being able to drink with one since I had it done. I drank straight out the cup straight out of surgery so I done it all a bit backwards as most used a straw. So being able to use a straw was a bit of a thing,even though I can drink out of a take away cup too.

Not getting back till late meant a late lunch of waffles and turkey dinosaurs. You’ve no idea how happy it makes me to know I can eat normally(well what I call a student diet again).

The evening was spent working on my blogpost for music-which I found quite nostalgic,especially as it was about bands that had reformed this year. Whether it’s good is a different story,but we’ll see Tuesday when I have my tutorial.

No pain anymore,still a bit of swelling occasionally and the smile is slowly come back as you can see from the pictures above.

Day 44:

Day off today and more progress made. I can now eat pizza! I could anyway but just not that well. Possibility of dominoes on Tuesday I think.

Town happened which meant more CEX shopping and another trip to costa. Ooops. This time Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps boxset. Yes Sheridan! I’m getting more like Rory Gilmore everyday(with hot chocolate rather than coffee).

Not a lot to report really. Sorry about that.

Hope you’re well. 😘

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