Day 45 and 46:Post Op

Day 45:

Today was quite frankly crap. Nothing went right and didn’t feel great. Stupid braces,stupid mouth. I decided to put that down to the fact that I came back a week yesterday. I tend to get upset or have bad days on the day I come back to Southampton after I’ve been home for the weekend.

I planned on doing work but that didn’t happen. I blamed the op as I struggled because I hadn’t been there for the lessons. Instead I felt sorry for myself and sat and watched Two Pints whilst eating biscuits and drinking lots of tea.

As random as this sounds. I sneezed four times in a row today. Right for those who don’t know me,I used to sneeze after most hot meals I ate. Don’t ask me why,I’ve no idea. Since the op however,I hadn’t sneezed after I’d eaten hot meals,it was mainly after biscuits but even then it only used to be once. Last night though,I had chips,a bit of a donut and some biscuits and then I sneezed four times. Somehow I think it’s cleared my nose and made my speech sound a bit better. Well,according to my mum anyway. I don’t think I sound much different.

Day 46:

Today was a bit better. By better I mean I got up and had a shower and got myself ready for the day. I watched Olly Murs on Sunday brunch. Still hoping someone will offer to come with me tomorrow otherwise I won’t go on my own and it seems appropriate cos I can write about it for my music review so if anyone’s an Olly fan let me know.

Jacket potato for lunch was lush. The first thing to go down well(food wise anyway) in ages.

I then cracked on with more of my music so I now only have my artist biography on the Manics to write and my live review. Hoping the band I’ve contacted for my new artist orfile will get back to me soon. Hopefully kill two birds with one stone if I can interview them on my way home on Wednesday. If not plan B.

I’m only in two days next week as my 9am lecture tomorrow’s been cancelled. So only 5 hours at uni separates me from a long weekend at home.

Hope you’re all well.

I’m off for a cuppa(I know how much do I drink) before getting on with the rest of my music.

If I do go to Olly tomorrow then a full low down of everything that happens will follow. If not,sorry but you’re stuck with another boring blog post. I hope for all our sakes that I go so I this blog will have some light and a more exciting post.

To those who have stuck around and read my ramblings,I really appreciate it.

Lots of love


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