Day 47:Post Op









A more exciting blogpost which I’ll try and make as relevant to post op as I can.

I only went and met Olly Murs last night. Before that though I went for McDonald’s pancakes which were lush. I ate two out of three which wasn’t bad.

Then,Thanks to my coursemate Steph for agreeing to go with me,we spent the afternoon in London looking around the shops in oxford street and looking at all the pretty decorations.

We then had a McDonald’s(chicken nugget happy meals,can’t go wrong). I thought I’d get that just incase I couldn’t eat it. Turned out I could,well the nuggets anyway,chips not so much. It’s weird to explain to someone who doesn’t know the different how hard it is to chew McDonald’s chips as their so thin. Anyway it went down well.

After lunch we went to hmv to purchase the cd and joined the queue outside to wait to be let in. Good job we got in the queue when we did otherwise we wouldn’t have heard the security guard say about those with live and signing tickets which we had. I gather there were two types,those with live and signing and those with just signing. Because we had both we got to go in the store first and go upstairs.

When it said live gig I assumed everyone would just gather round in the store,oh man were we wrong. We walked up the stairs to be greeted by a small stage at the back of the room. Talk about intimate.

Despite waiting two hours for him to come on,it was so worth it. He chatted and had banter with us,and even said hello to a girl on FaceTime,before signing three songs :Dear Darlin,History and Wrapped Up. So great to see him live again as I hadn’t since 2011.

After the live gig,the signing began. Oh my god,let me tell you,not only getting to meet but also get hugs and kisses and called babe from Olly Murs is the best thing ever! I’m so glad I finally got to meet him.

I didn’t realise how different I looked until I looked at my photo with him. I look good. Sorry to be vain. The only annoying thing is how big my teeth seem at the moment. Hopefully they won’t seem too bad once the braces come off.

Needless to say we came out of the event on a real high and took us a few moments to get our bearings. We got home safe though.

It was such a great day. Thanks so much to Steph for coming with me and to Tim for keeping me company whilst I done some more of my music work for my tutorial.

Hope you’re all well and enjoyed this more exciting blogpost. The vlog I filmed is down below so I hope you enjoy that too.







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