Day 48:Post Op

After not going to bed till 1,the 9am start proved difficult this morning.

I made it though and made more progress on my work for Ed Hub. After my lecture I came back and started editing a video before attending my seminar.

I’d booked my tutorial for music for today despite not finishing the work,but I worried for nothing. I always do. All turned out well and I’ve just got to make a few changes before hand in next week. So after law tomorrow I can go home for the weekend and relax. Think me and mum have planned a shopping trip for Saturday which will be nice.

I came home about 2 and had a jacket potato before meeting Katherine for another hot chocolate. My 4th within the space of two weeks. They’re so good though.

Then went back to uni for a supposed guest lecture which was empty when we got to the room so I came back.

Tim’s round tonight and were going to watch Begin Again and hopefully I’ll be able to eat dominoes. I’ll let you know the process in tomorrow’s post.

Hope you’re all well.


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