Day 49 and 50:Post Op




Day 49:Post Op

Good news. I can eat Dominoes! Managed half of a cheese and tomato pizza and two cookies on Tuesday night. Success. Getting back to my student ways.

I came home for the weekend today. Before that though I went into uni for half hour only to find out my lecture was cancelled. Sat with two of my coursemates whilst they had a fried breakfast. I haven’t quite conquered that yet,hoping to this weekend.

After coming back to the flat and cooking myself some lunch I went and got my train home.

Met my cousin at my stop off in Brighton for a few hours which was nice as I hadn’t seen her since the day before my op,whereas I had the rest of her family. Was lovely to see her and we found another cute cake shop to catch up in. Chocolate orange cake exists guys,and it’s the best thing. I think I have a thing for chocolate orange at the moment. We then went to the amusements on the seafront before I continued my journey home.

Arrived home at 6 to lasagne and doughnuts. Yum! Safe to say my appetites coming back.

Day 50: Post Op

7 weeks ago. Mental. Time goes too quickly.

It felt like all I done was eat today. Weaterbix,biscuits,cake and fish fingers and potato smileys. My appetites back alright. Suppose it’s a good thing as I do need to put on weight.

The script book of the film Third Star that I won arrived today. Love it. Can’t wait to read it.

Just waiting for dinner. Potatoes,Yorkshire and possibly some meat and gravy. Hope it goes down well.

I love being home. Proper food.

Hope you’re well



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