Day 51 and 52:Post Op

Day 51:

Remember the meat,yorkshires and potatoes with gravy I said I was having for dinner in my last post? Yeah,that didn’t go down well atall. As soon as I walked into the kitchen and smelt the gravy, I gagged. It brought back far too many memories of liquidised food. Bleurgh. Safe to say I won’t be having gravy anytime soon.

I made up for not eating dinner the previous night,yesterday. Had the same for lunch as I had Thursday so I won’t bore you with that.

Me and mum did go for a McDonald’s last night though,which I managed to eat. Dad also bought in a chicken and pineapple pizza which I didn’t think I’d be able to eat but could.

Day 52:

Me and mum went shopping today. Before that though we finished off the left over pizza.

Shopping was a success. Bought three jumpers(two of which are being wrapped for Christmas) and a bobble hat(which is also being wrapped). It got me even more excited for New York. Six weeks Monday,guys. Oh my god!

By the time we finished,I really fancied a McDonald’s burger as that was one thing I was yet to tackle. Success. I ate walking back to the train station and it was delicious.

We then had sausages in rolls and chocolate cheesecake for pudding. The sausages went down well. For some reason though I can manage them but not rolls which is odd. The cheesecake was nice too.

Sorry I feel like these posts are literally about good and what I eat at the moment. Starting to think I’ll just blog when exciting things to do with the process happen. My appointment on Monday for example.

Expect my next post then as I feel these are getting boring now.

Hope you’re all well lovelies 😘

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