2014 & New Years Resolutions ❤️

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. As midnight on the 31st December once again looms,now is the time we look back and reminisce on the year gone by,and decide on the things we wish to achieve in the year ahead.

In reflection,this year has been a pretty great one. I ticked off quite a few things I wanted to achieve this year. Mainly with the people I wanted to meet.

This year alone I met some of the people I’ve admired and wanted to meet for years. It started in March when I got the chance to meet Pixie Lott at her cd signing. April followed and was probably the best month. I attended the Olivier awards where I met three of my favourite people. Hayley Atwell,Tom Hiddleston and James McAvoy.

June I met Carey Mulligan who I’d admired since 2005. July was another brilliant month. Getting to meet Pixie again,and be in the same room as my idol since I was seven,Keira Knightley was a dream come true. This was also the month where I met the lovely members of the birdsong cast. Both an extremely talented and lovely bunch of people. Also met the brilliant Declan Bennett who I first discovered in January when I went to see Once.

August I got to go to Highclere Castle,the real life Downton abbey. What an experience that was. A great one at that.

October I had the operation id waited ten years for. Of which I couldn’t have got through without all of your support. So thankyou.

And this year ended with meeting the gorgeous and lovely Olly Murs,Mcbusted and Dan Stevens.

I feel like this year has been a dream it’s been that amazing.

2014 was also the year I discovered the theatre. In total I went to see six shows and i loved all of them equally. I’m very excited to attend more shows next year. That’s one of my not so much resolutions but things I wish to do more of next year. The others are below:

1. Write more-on the blog and generally. Write more features and make a full start on my book. Have a first draft written by December next year. Keep a diary.

2. Attend the theatre more-I’ve already booked to twice but more can’t hurt.

3. Explore-both Southampton and other places. Go to different places in London rather than the same ones. Despite them being my favourite,there are others too.

4. Get more work experience- the only way I’m going to get my foot in the door. Plus,it’s fun to meet people and learn things.

5.Meet the rest of the people I admire-Sheridan Smith and Fearne Cotton amongst others.

6. Get my braces off-end the procedure and wear the retainer.

7. Make a start on my theatre fanzine.

8. Capture more memories and take more photos.

9. Watch more films and read more books. Broaden my mind.

10. Most importantly:


With that I wish you all a happy new year. I hope it’s the best year yet.

Lots of love



Week 11:Post Op





Wow so I haven’t updated my blog in almost two weeks. Apologies for that guys. The past few weeks have been busy with finishing uni for Christmas and I haven’t had time to update.

Rather than give you a low down of each day over the past two weeks,I’ll just let you know the important stuff.

Uni update:

So I finished uni two weeks ago with a timed law assessment which involved me answering four questions about law. Once that was finished with I went for a celebratory drink with my friend at our course Christmas party,which was nice.

Due to a change of plan I ended up staying in Southampton an extra day. This resulted in me binge watching the last two series of secret diary of a call girl,(Welcome back Billie piper phase),seeing friends and ordering dominos. Ah student life.

I’m happy to say that I met all my deadlines despite having five weeks off for recovery. I’m now done work wise until I come back from New York. Wahoo! Which by the way,is 23 days away. Eeek!

Post Op update:

Not a lot has happened post op wise. It’s now been over 11 weeks since I had it done though! I’m starting to eat normally again which is great. I went to my Nan’s for a few days last week and found I could eat chocolate again. By that I mean biting into a galaxy bar. Yum!

I also managed to eat Pringles. Jaw is suffering now though so think I may have over done it a tad. Oops!

The bad news is I still can’t swallow pasta. I can chew it but it doesn’t go down very well. I did enjoy the meatballs I had tonight(Friday) instead though.

The bands are doing their job nicely. For now anyway,I think that’ll go out the window when I go to New York because I’ll constantly be eating.

Social update:

Speaking of New York,I met up with Lucy yesterday to fill her in on everything. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited,especially as she’s coming too. I’m excited to introduce her to my uni friends and experience a trip of a lifetime with someone else who understands. Bring on January 12th.

I’m off to winter wonderland this afternoon which I’m excited about as I’ve never been. Even though we’re not ice skating it will still be lovely to have a wander and get in the Christmas spirit.

Before all this though,I should probably explain last Monday.

I met up with Alice and we attended the premiere of Night at the Museum:Secret of the Tomb.

There,I met Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey which made me very happy. The part that made me more happy though,was that he recognised me from picture I sent to him on twitter that afternoon. How cool?

Anyway,it was a great day. Id forgotten how much I loved the premiere atmosphere,despite being really cold.

Looking forward to more in the new year.

Writing update:

In my last blogpost I mentioned I made a start on a story. I wrote 6000 words of it and then added a prologue. A few days later I went back and rewrote it,taking out the prologue and beginning in the action of the first chapter. Im now not sure which I prefer. I’m hoping to plan and give it a good sort in the new year to see if it’s something I believe in to carry on with. So,if the characters are there,now is the time to be heard. I hope to have a first draft of a book(whether it’s this one,or another),written by next December.

I also hope to be more productive in my blog writing and writing in general. I’ve slacked over the past few months with the sites I write for.

Ok so this blog post has started to turn into resolutions so I’ll stop there and write that another day.

I think I’m going to take a break from blogging everyday and go back to once a week instead. That way I’m not boring you with a daily routine as there really isn’t a lot to report at the moment. Not op wise anyway.

So every Friday I’ll put up a post about what happened that week. It may be post op related,it may not but I’ll make sure to include something in there for those of you who are still interested in it,despite it becoming boring.

I can’t thankyou enough to yjose of you who have read these posts. It means a lot,so thankyou.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and I’ll catch up with you on Friday,after the big day.


Days 58-60:Post Op


Updates and exciting things over the past few days include:

Mcbusted signing.

Me and steph went and met Mcbusted on Friday at their cd singing in London. We had priority so were one of the first people to meet them. They were so lovely.

I vlogged the experience if you wanted to watch it.

Work update:

As of now,I’ve finished all my work for this semester, aside from my timed law assignment on Thursday. I filmed my experience of the surgery(like updating regularly on here,but in video format). You can watch all four below.

Food update:

Not much in the good situation although I did buy the chicken popcorn from Asda the other day and have eaten quite a lot of that over the past few days.

Also I had toast with marmite earlier. My god I’d forgotten how good it was. So good.

Writing update:

Last but not least. Inspiration for a story struck me Friday morning at an ungodly hour. I’ve since written over 5,000 words. Whether it may sense or not is a different story but I’m enjoying having the ideas and writing again.

Hope you’re all well.


Day 56 and 57:Post Op

Really short post today as there really isn’t a lot to report. Just a quick one to let you all know that the first of the five of my jaw surgery vlogs I mentioned previously is now up on my channel if you wanted to check it out.

The others will follow over the next few days. Also finished my music work which is good. Anddd I’m off to meet Mcbusted at their cd signing in London tomorrow so another exciting and more interesting post will follow tomorrow(or Saturday).

Hope you’re all well.

Catch up with you over the next few days.


Day 53,54 and 55:Post Op

Day 53:

Not alot happened on Sunday. It all went by in a blur to be honest. All I remember is having a boiled egg and being able to eat toast,which I hadn’t done for ages. Also the dominoes I ended up ordering for dinner which went down equally as well. Atleast I know I can eat pizza. Ha.

Day 54:

Today was the day I was dreading. Another hospital appointment and I didn’t get the news I wanted. That news being my braces coming off. Guess what? They’re still on and will be until after New York as my next appointment isn’t until January 23rd. Brilliant. Oh well,they haven’t stopped me eating yet,so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t now.

She put another thing on my top teeth,I don’t think its a wire so that’s why I’ve just called it thing. Anyway said thing should help fill the gap that had started to form between my front tooth.

I also have to keep wearing the elastics. That doesn’t bother me too much but I didn’t come out very happy.

Soon forgot about it when I got back on the train to Southampton though. All will be worth it. Almost there,just another few months to bare.

Day 55:

Finished up the last of the biscuits despite my mouth hurting where she’d tightened the braces before going to my seminar.

For those who didn’t see my status last night I’m going to film a series of videos documenting the procedure for an assignment so keep an eye out on my YouTube channel over the next few days.

Afterwards I went good shopping. Lethal. Went down the soup aisle by accident and soon regretted that. Off soup for life now,well for now anyway.

Came back and had a jacket potato before seeing Tim this evening. We watched High Fidelity and are Victorian sponge. Good night.

Seminar tomorrow morning(my last law one before my times assessment next week). I got through my last one so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do this one.

Music is pretty much done so I’ll finish the last tweaks before submitting that tomorrow. Then that’s it at uni aside from the odd meetings about New York and a tutorial next week.

Seems weird that it’s almost Christmas break when I barely even done the term. Glad I submitted assignement a on time though. 2 more to go and then I can enjoy Christmas break.

Off to the cinema to see Paddington inbetween my seminar and New York meeting tomorrow evening. Rather excited I have to admit.

Hope you’re all well

If there’s anything you wish to see on this blog or vlogging wise let me know.

Night you lovely lot.