Day 53,54 and 55:Post Op

Day 53:

Not alot happened on Sunday. It all went by in a blur to be honest. All I remember is having a boiled egg and being able to eat toast,which I hadn’t done for ages. Also the dominoes I ended up ordering for dinner which went down equally as well. Atleast I know I can eat pizza. Ha.

Day 54:

Today was the day I was dreading. Another hospital appointment and I didn’t get the news I wanted. That news being my braces coming off. Guess what? They’re still on and will be until after New York as my next appointment isn’t until January 23rd. Brilliant. Oh well,they haven’t stopped me eating yet,so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t now.

She put another thing on my top teeth,I don’t think its a wire so that’s why I’ve just called it thing. Anyway said thing should help fill the gap that had started to form between my front tooth.

I also have to keep wearing the elastics. That doesn’t bother me too much but I didn’t come out very happy.

Soon forgot about it when I got back on the train to Southampton though. All will be worth it. Almost there,just another few months to bare.

Day 55:

Finished up the last of the biscuits despite my mouth hurting where she’d tightened the braces before going to my seminar.

For those who didn’t see my status last night I’m going to film a series of videos documenting the procedure for an assignment so keep an eye out on my YouTube channel over the next few days.

Afterwards I went good shopping. Lethal. Went down the soup aisle by accident and soon regretted that. Off soup for life now,well for now anyway.

Came back and had a jacket potato before seeing Tim this evening. We watched High Fidelity and are Victorian sponge. Good night.

Seminar tomorrow morning(my last law one before my times assessment next week). I got through my last one so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do this one.

Music is pretty much done so I’ll finish the last tweaks before submitting that tomorrow. Then that’s it at uni aside from the odd meetings about New York and a tutorial next week.

Seems weird that it’s almost Christmas break when I barely even done the term. Glad I submitted assignement a on time though. 2 more to go and then I can enjoy Christmas break.

Off to the cinema to see Paddington inbetween my seminar and New York meeting tomorrow evening. Rather excited I have to admit.

Hope you’re all well

If there’s anything you wish to see on this blog or vlogging wise let me know.

Night you lovely lot.


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