Days 58-60:Post Op


Updates and exciting things over the past few days include:

Mcbusted signing.

Me and steph went and met Mcbusted on Friday at their cd singing in London. We had priority so were one of the first people to meet them. They were so lovely.

I vlogged the experience if you wanted to watch it.

Work update:

As of now,I’ve finished all my work for this semester, aside from my timed law assignment on Thursday. I filmed my experience of the surgery(like updating regularly on here,but in video format). You can watch all four below.

Food update:

Not much in the good situation although I did buy the chicken popcorn from Asda the other day and have eaten quite a lot of that over the past few days.

Also I had toast with marmite earlier. My god I’d forgotten how good it was. So good.

Writing update:

Last but not least. Inspiration for a story struck me Friday morning at an ungodly hour. I’ve since written over 5,000 words. Whether it may sense or not is a different story but I’m enjoying having the ideas and writing again.

Hope you’re all well.



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