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2015/01/img_7415.jpg2015/01/img_7514.jpg2015/01/img_7500.jpgTimes Square                                      Central Park Selfie                           Statue of Liberty

2015/01/img_7492.jpg2015/01/img_7593.jpg2015/01/img_7596.jpgManhatten                                           Teen Vogue                                           Teen Vogue


Top of the Rock Selfie                            View from Vogue            Pretending to be George Peppard in                                                                                                                                     Breakfast at Tiffanys

The New York Blog 

It’s hard to believe that it was almost a week ago that I landed back in the UK after a week in New York. Even writing that sentence it still feels surreal that I even went,let alone it being a week since I’ve been back.

Back in October I got an email from one of my uni lecturers letting me know that he would be organising a trip to New York and to get in contact if I was interesting in going. Who was I to say no? New York had been a place id wanted to visit for aslong as I could remember so there wasn’t a chance that I wasn’t going to take this opportunity.

During college me and my best friend,Lucy had spoke about going together so without her knowing,I asked if she could tag along. Much to my surprise I got told that she could,needles to say I will never forget the picture on Lucy’s face when I told her the news.

The next few months leading up to it where a blur of paying deposits,sorting out rooms etc. Christmas seemed to drag because all I could think about was my trip to New York a week later. It didn’t seem real. Nor did seem real when we boarded the flight,when we landed or even when we saw Times Square for the first time.

New York was everything I imagined and more. Although it took me a while to adjust and take it all in,looking back at photos and the experience now I’m starting to believe it happened.

Amongst the tourist attractions,The Empire State,Top of the Rock,Central Park and Times Square,amongst others, we got the opportunity to go on industry visits(that was the whole reason we were there after all). It isn’t every day however that you get to say you were one of the first people to have a tour of the Teen Vogue office inside the new World Trade Center,though is it? Or the chance to see how a PR company works at Factory PR or get a talk by some of the lovely team at feminist magazine,Bust. All great experiences I will treasure for a lifetime.

Although these were all incredible parts of the trip,the highlight for me was the second to last day of the trip. The Friday. The day of which I fulfilled the dream and the main reason I wanted to come to New York in the first place.

Whilst everyone else wandered into Henri Bendell(whilst on the Gossip Girl tour) which was another highlight of the day and trip I made my way to Tiffanys.

Having been an avid fan of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s,no one will understand how much it meant for me to even stand outside Tiffany,let alone go in and purchase something. It was surreal and I got rather emotional just walking into the shop.

I hopped back on the Gossip Girl tour to try my first macaroon and my god,why hadn’t I tried one before? They’re delicious. That trip made me realise I need a trip to laudere ASAP.

So I think that’s everything,well most things I got up to on my trip in New York. It was absolutely amazing and an experience and opportunity I will be forever grateful for and never forget.


Top of the Rock                                               Factory PR                                       Top of the Rock

r2015/01/img_7792.jpgTiffany        IMG_7748                                                                                                                                   Gossip Girl Tour. Met Steps Selfie







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