Olly Murs Live Review

HMV, Oxford Street. It may look like your normal store, but upstairs far beyond the world of DVDs, right at the back of the room is a stage. A hundred of Olly Murs fans are gathered in a pen in front of the stage, lucky competition winners as they await the man himself.


Olly Murs, X Factor runner up of 2009, takes to the stage wearing a grey blazer and jeans; his fans of all ages react. They scream and cheer his name, and for the next twenty minutes they are transfixed.


Olly Murs opens up his set by being his cheeky self, asking where his fans are from and referencing three of his songs off new album, Never Been Better. ‘Did you miss me?’ he asks, a rupture of applause follows. He then starts his set.


With ballad ‘Dear Darlin’ starting it off, he soon has the audience singing along with him. After more chat, including a face time with a fan who ends up getting emotional, he sings new song ‘History’, a love song which he jokes isn’t about his fans, before ending with his current single ‘Wrapped Up’ which gets his fans singing and dancing along, getting them ready for the meet and greet that followed afterwards.


Olly oozes charisma, both on and off stage. What you see in Olly is what you get, a cheeky chap from Essex who hasn’t let the fame goes to his head. He’s still that typical lad who will help you across the street and make you smile. And that comes across not only when you meet him, but also in his performance too.


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