A new outlook

Recently I’ve been stuck in a rut. Stuck in a rut of questioning carrying on with my degree because of my ideas and career path changing.

After a few days of moping around, my mood instantly changed when yesterday I was back in my favourite city(London) at one of the places I love(the theatre). A review of Shakespeare in Love will follow shortly on the blog, but I came out of the theatre with a complete new outlook.

A new outlook that allowed me to start looking at the good things in my life and to not worry about things because everything will work out in the end.

Theatre is such a powerful medium, and something I adore greatly. I think a trip to the theatre and to London was just what I needed. A few hours away from Southampton where I didn’t have to think about uni, the work I have to do or house viewings. It was nice to be able to escape for a few hours into a world put on by such fantastic actors, in a place I love and want to live.

This just proves that if you’re ever not happy, a bit of time away from the things you aren’t happy with or are worried about can help the situation.

From now on I’m looking up and not worrying about things that are way in the future, because it will all sort itself out.


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