George Ezra: Brits Week Gig

*On a personal note before I start this review,I’d like to just say that George Ezra is one of my favourite artists and he was absolutely incredible live. With the gig being in Brixton I was a bit apprehensive,mainly because of the area but all turned out fine. We made it to the venue and back onto an earlier train than planned which was a bonus. Thanks Sammeh for coming with me. Now onto the review*

Crowds of people are gathered at Brixton’s Electric awaiting the arrival of 21 year old George Ezra.

Ezra first burst onto the music scene in 2013 having recorded two EPs ‘Did you hear the rain’ and Cassy O’. It wasn’t until 2014,when he released his first single ‘Budapest’ that people began to take notice. 

‘Budapest’ reached number 3 in the official chart. Since then,the 21 year old has been very successful. His debut album Wanted on Voyage was number 1 in the official chart for weeks. 

It’s safe to say Ezra has gathered a fair following by the amount of people that are here awaiting his set. 

With him being nominated for a Brit it only seems appropriate that he’s the first person to open the week of gigs at the Electric. 

He comes on with tremendous applause at around 10pm opening his set with the title track of his first EP,Cassy O. 

As soon as he plays the first note,the crowd immediately errupts into cheers and begins singing along. 

This continues for the next half hour as he plays hits from his debut album Wanted in Voyage including ‘Listen to the Man’,Blame it on Me(my personal highlight),and Barcelona. 

After ‘Barcelona’ he smiled at the audience before saying ‘this next one was also written on my trip around Europe’. Before playing the beginning cords of ‘Budapest’. Even to this day it seems this is the song everyone knows and loves the most. So much so that it is sung extra loudly,and when George stops singing to listen to the audience they sing loudly. His laugh and smile are infectious when he says how lovely we sound. In that moment it’s clear to see that Ezra loves what he does. 

After the hype of ‘Budapest,as the gog. comes to an end,the audience cheers in appreciation. ‘Sorry it was only a short set,but I hope you enjoyed it. Have a safe trip home and I hope to see you all soon’ he tells the crowd,before ending the night with a ballad and the title track off his first EP,’Did you hear the rain’. Which seemed quite fitting as on exit of the venue,it was tipping it down.

George Ezra is an absolutely incredible artist. If you’re to see one soloist live then I definitely recommend it to be George. 

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