Late night thoughts. 

I’m in one of those moods where I want to dye my hair and have a change of style. It’s just being brave and doing it.

There’s also so many things that I want to do in life just to say that I’ve done them,even if nothing comes of it.

I want to write a play and design all the costumes for it. Write a book,just to say I have. Read that pile of books I have on my desk. Record more radio shows and that radio play I wrote in college. 

I want to be more organised. Have a daily schedule,be on top of my uni work and update both my blog and youtube channel more. 

Take more photographs and capture the moments. 

Get back into dancing. Just for fun. Loose myself in the music and let go of all that negative energy. 

Realise what I actually want to do in life and stick to it. 

Design my own house. 

Become more confident and cultured. Read and see different things. 

Live and experience life. 

It’s ok saying “I want to do this,I want to do that” but I actually need to go out and do it. Make a start. 

It begins tomorrow. 

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