April Favourites šŸ’œ

I haven’t filmed or written a favourites post in ages. There’s been alot of things I’ve been loving this April so thought I’d share them with you. 


  Artist: James Bay

Album: Chaos and the Calm

This album is most definitely my favourite this month. It’s been on repeat daily for the past few weeks and I absolutely love it. 

It’s one of those albums that puts you in a really happy mood. My favourite song is a toss up between Let it Go and Clocks Go Forward. The latter track sparked an idea for a story in my head so I’m looking to see where that goes in the coming weeks. 

If you listen to one album this month,let it be Chaos and the Calm.




I know this shouldn’t be in my April favourites when it was out in March,but I saw it for the second time at the beginning of the month and loved it even more than I did the first time. 

It’s so beautiful and magical and the casting is brilliant. Well done Kenneth Branagh. My favourite film of 2015(so far. We have of course got Pitch Perfect 2 to look forward to. I can’t wait). 


The Fatal Englishman by Sebastian Faulks.


Having read and loved Birdsong I thought I would give this one a go. I’m only a few pages in,but I’m already hooked. 

Sebastian writes so beautifully and in such depth that you know the characters really well. I love him as a writer and I can’t wait to really get stuck into this book.  



My black jacket from H&M

I wore it alot during my weeks work experience at TV Choice and a lot since I’ve been back at uni. I love that it’s simple but adds a bit of a professional feel to any outfit. This is one I will definately be wearing alot over the coming weeks. 

Make Up

Natural Collection lipstick in Cranberry


I love this colour lipstick a lot. Since I got it for my birthday I’ve been wearing it quite a lot and it’s become my new favourite make up essential. 
What have you been loving this month? šŸ’œ


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