Writing Challenge #1 1lb,9oz


*This writing challenge appeared on my Facebook timeline a few months ago, so thought I would make it my blog posts for the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy*

1. Write a short autobiography


*On a side note I had to write a chapter for a piece of school coursework and since then I’ve thought a lot about wanting to write my autiobiography. Here’s a short snippet.*

Finishing second year of university(although I still have another year to go) feels like such a huge achievement. Especially after the year I had with the op etc. Actually, going to university at all seems like a big step in itself. 

You see, when I was born my family was told that I would never go to a main stream school,let alone university. I was born 4 months premature(born in April,instead of August when my mum was just 24 weeks pregnant) weighing just 1lb,9oz,which is less than a bag of sugar. However I pulled through and proved everyone wrong. Quite determined little one me. 

So since the rough start in life I’ve been a fighter and a determined person to prove people wrong. I have so far,let’s hope it continues. 

I’m very excited yet equally as terrified to begin my last year of university,but no matter how stressful it gets I know I can do it. 💜

* I couldn’t find any bany pictures on my phone but here’s one of me at nursery,a year 4 photo and my first day at secondary. 



S Club 7 Concert Review


Artist: S Club 7

Venue: BIC Bournemouth

On Monday night at the BIC Arena in Bournemouth 90s kids dreams were made when S Club 7 took to the stage to perform some of their best known tracks. 

A night of nostalgia began as soon as the band stepped onto the stage to tremendous cheers from the audience. 

Looking no different,aside from a being grown up,the band sang with as much ease as they did before they split 15 years ago. 

Opening their set with Bring the House Down the crowd sang back every word like they did when they used to dance around their rooms when they were growing up. (You all did it so don’t admit you didn’t). What a great time growing up in the 90s was.

As the show went on and each of their classics were played out-S Club Party,You’re My Number 1 and Two in a Million,it was clear the audience and indeed the band were in as good a shape as they used to be. The energy in the arena was contagious. 

Each band member treated the audience to solo performances half way through the show. Tina with Stronger and Jon and Jo with Hello Friend. It was Paul that received the most applause however with his acoustic version of Reach,which the crowd sang back with such certainty.

Rachel then took the stage to sing a mix of her solo songs Some Girls and Sweet Dreams my La Ex before they jumped straight into the hits Bring it All Back and Viva La Fiesta.

The most applause and singing came near the end of the set when they surprised the audience with a cover of Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk. This got the audience dancing and exceptionally excited before the banded ended their set with much loved songs Reach and Don’t Stop Movin’. 

Overall this concert was an absolute delight to witness. Seeing a band like S Club 7 live brought back all the 90s nostalgia,proving that even after 15 years away they can still sell out arenas and put on one big S Club Party .

Lindsey Kelk:Always the Bridesmaid Book Signing

Waterstones West Quay,Southampton

It’s very rare that one of my favourite authors comes to my home town. So when I found out that Lindsey Kelk was coming to Southampton I jumped at the chance to go and meet her.

I never go to things that involve waiting around on my own. But as this was in Southampton and in West Quay Waterstones I decided to go on my own.

Arriving at 10.30 as I didn’t know if it was going to be busy,I purchased her new book,Always the Bridesmaid and went and sat down in one of the comfy chairs at the back of the shop to read it whilst I waited.

I got to chapter 4 before I went back to where the queue had begun to form and got in line,continuing to read whilst I waited to meet one of my writing heroes.

It’s always a nervous experience waiting in line for something like this. Well I think it is anyway. All sorts of questions go through your head as you figure out what you want to say. Then when you actually get to the front of the queue and its your turn everything you planned to say goes out of your head.

I did manage to tell her I was enjoying the book so far and we had a chat about her writing process and how weird it was to see her name in a bookshop. She then said that if she could write a book and see it in Waterstones,I most certainly can too.

Hearing this gave me a bit more confidence in my writing and hope that I too will one day see my name on a book.

Big thanks to Lindsey Kelk for being so lovely.