Writing Challenge #1 1lb,9oz


*This writing challenge appeared on my Facebook timeline a few months ago, so thought I would make it my blog posts for the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy*

1. Write a short autobiography


*On a side note I had to write a chapter for a piece of school coursework and since then I’ve thought a lot about wanting to write my autiobiography. Here’s a short snippet.*

Finishing second year of university(although I still have another year to go) feels like such a huge achievement. Especially after the year I had with the op etc. Actually, going to university at all seems like a big step in itself. 

You see, when I was born my family was told that I would never go to a main stream school,let alone university. I was born 4 months premature(born in April,instead of August when my mum was just 24 weeks pregnant) weighing just 1lb,9oz,which is less than a bag of sugar. However I pulled through and proved everyone wrong. Quite determined little one me. 

So since the rough start in life I’ve been a fighter and a determined person to prove people wrong. I have so far,let’s hope it continues. 

I’m very excited yet equally as terrified to begin my last year of university,but no matter how stressful it gets I know I can do it. 💜

* I couldn’t find any bany pictures on my phone but here’s one of me at nursery,a year 4 photo and my first day at secondary. 


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