Writing Challenge #4-Rant about anything 

  Ok so I don’t rant very often. Although there are a few things I would like to address,the main one for now is the issue of experience when it comes to job opportunities. I may do a follow up with a few others another time. 

This is something that really annoyed me when I was on jobseekers a few years ago before I started uni. It has since reared its annoying head when there’s things that I want to do but don’t have the money to. 

The point being when you apply for jobs but know you won’t get it due to not having the experience. Not even that really,more the fact of no one given you the opportunity. It’s the thing where to apply for this job you need experience,but you also need someone to just say yes and give you a chance. It seems that not many people are willing to take a risk on someone all because they haven’t got the experience they need. 

How hard can it be to talk to people or handle money? Surely not that difficult. If only it was acceptable to write in a cover letter ‘I’m a quick learner. Someone please take a chance and give me a break. Please.’ 

When my mum was my age she had already had a fair few jobs. But that was because it was different then and there was a lot of jobs about. Now it seems like there are barely any,or rather vary few that don’t require experience. 

Is it so much to ask for someone to hire you based on the person you are,rather than your experience? Apparently so. It makes me so annoyed to know that myself,and a fair few others are trying but getting nowhere. 

Hopefully one day someone will give me that chance and hire me. This post probably hasn’t helped but someone please take a chance on me and say yes! 

Buzz feed said they’d hire me!  Hopefully someday. 



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