The Railway Children Theatre Review

The Railway Children Review

Kings Theatre:St Pancras


*Before I begin the review Id like to say we made the show with literally a minute to space before it started. All because of a trespasser on the line which delayed trains. Anyway it was absolutely amazing and I’m so glad we made it*

Having never watched the film or read the book of The Railway Children I went into the theatre literally nothing about it. Which proved a shock at on particular scene. 
Upon walking into the foyer,the bar area was set out as though it was a station refreshment stand inviting the audience into what was to come. 
The stage was so effective, set out as though it was two platforms with a train track in the middle. This acted as the main set with boxes moving up and down the platform when a scene changed. 

The story follows three siblings,two sisters Phylis(Louise Calf)and Bobbie(Serena Manteghi) and Peter(Jack Hardwick)as they retell the audience about the summer when they were the Railway Children. 
With their father sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit life gets difficult for the family,and they move away to a town called Oakfield near a railway line,hence the name The Railway Children. 
What unfolds is a story of friendship,love and family. And if you have a little hope everything will work out right in the end. 

There was one point in the play before the interval(*spoiler* I thought Bobbie was going to get run over by a train,which left me a bit chocked up). Although I’m not sure what got me more choked up,that or the real life steam train that made its appearance. A real life steam train with a carriage and everything. Amazing! 
Special effects played a huge part within this face paced,clever and brilliant production with the use of steam and moving boxes on the stage. 
The acting was completely flawless and each character was equally as important and amazing. 

This production is one of the best I have seen and I thoroughly recommend you go and see it before it closes on September 5th. You certainly won’t regret it. 


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