Sunkissed Book Review 

  Title: Sunkissed

Author: Jenny McLachlan

He watches me with his dark eyes. I take a deep breath,then I shut my eyes and I jump’

Kat can’t believe she’s been banished to Sweden for the summer! How will she survive without her friends,or even a phone signal?

But once in the land of saunas,nudity and summer sun Kat soon realises its not just about boys,what she’s wearing or how straight her hair is. It’s time to embrace who she really is,underneath what people expect her to be. 

Can Kat find her own way to shine?’

Although originally not on my summer reading list,the lovely people at Bloomsbury sent me a copy of Sunkissed to review for site Maximum Pop. 

Having never read any books by Jenny before I was excited to discover a new author. I was gripped from the first page which is important to me when reading a book. I quickly found myself drawn to the main character of Kat and really enjoyed reading her story. 

These days it seems we are incapable of being off our phones for less than five minutes(I am definately guilty of this) so I could most definately relate to Kat’s situation when she was told she was being sent to Sweden for a month without phone service. 

I loved Jenny’s writing and how relatable and strong the characters are within the book. Particularly those of Kat and Pearl. We all have that friend who isn’t afraid to say something,regardless of the consequences and I love how that was portrayed within the character of Pearl. 

I really enjoyed this book and would definately recommend it. I look forward to reading her others. 


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