September Catch Up šŸ’›

September catch up

Sorry for my lack of blogging for the past month or so. I didn’t really know what to blog about. 

Also I’ve been cooped up in a writing bubble for most of this month trying to finish my submission for a writing competition. It’s been ages since I’ve actually believed in a story and my characters so much,and once it’s submitted I look forward to writing more of it. If this positivity carries on in terms of this story then I’ll share a bit about it with you next week. 

In other news I came back to Southampton last week to settle back in to the flat before uni starts again next week. Final year-all feels rather scary but exciting at the same time if I’m honest. 

Aside from being in my own head this past month I met up with a couple of my friends which was lovely. 2 months is too long not to see some of your favourite uni people let me tell you. 

Also this week I’ve found that I’ve been watching a lot of James Norton related interviews. New celebrity crush of the moment who I may have based one of my characters on šŸ˜¬.So much so that I rewatched Grantchester and then bought the book. It’s a different read for me but so far I’m enjoying it. Review to follow in the coming weeks. 

As well as all that DOWNTON ABBEY is back on our screens which makes me very excited. Loving the new series so far,despite being its last. No doubt there will be tears shed on Christmas Day,and let’s be honest probably before that,especially as it’s Downton we’re talking about. 

Autumn is upon us,which means all the good tv starts again and it gives me an excuse to dress up in lots of warm jumpers and skirts. Yay! 
Again,apologise for lack of updates. Normal blogging will resume next week-hopefully with a bit of information about the story I’m working on. 

Much love 


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