A story update 💕

I promised you last week that if I carried on writing the story I’m currently working on then i’d write a post about it. Well never one to fall back on promises this is that post.

Last weekend I frantically reworked my pitch and finished the first 5,000 words of a story that is currently titled ‘Turn of the Clock’ and sent it off for a competition with publisher Twenty 7 books. 

I’ve been working on this story for the past few months on and off. And it’s clear to say that these characters I’ve created have started to become very clear in my head. 

The story so far follows Dylan(based on the actor James Norton) and Amelia(based on Hayley Atwell),two regular twenty somethings who meet at a party and find out they have the ability to time travel on the eve of the clocks going backwards and forwards. I’m really enjoying exploring this concept and these characters and I hope it continues. I don’t want to give too much else a way but they’re going on a hell of a journey. 

The three people that have read it so far really seem to be enjoying it which has given me the confidence to continue even when I have doubts about it. So a huge Thankyou  to my my mum, Amie and Becky. 

Also this week my final year of uni started. I’m in for an exciting and equally as hard year I think. Very excited to get started fully next week. 

This time next week it would have been a year ago since my jaw surgery. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. This past year has just flown. We’re in October already,how did that happen?!

That’s about it for this week,but I hope you enjoyed an insight into what’s been happening in my brain and why I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I’ll report back with a bit more about the story as it develops. But for now,I’m off to read this months issue of Elle. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend.