Top 5 Christmas Traditions 

With the big day only a week away(how did that happen?) I thought I’d blog my top 5 Christmas traditions within the Pontin household.

1. Decorating the Christmas tree This has been one of my favourite traditions for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was little it’s been a thing we do as a family.

I get to choose a new decoration every year and be in charge of putting the tree topper on the tree. It’s usually a fairy but as she’s been on our tree since I was tiny we got a star instead. We also have a real tree this year as apposed to a fake one like every other year. There’s something sboit the smell of fresh pine needles that makes the room smell extra Christmassy and makes the room more festive.

2. Mums chocolate pudding 

This sounds like a really silly tradition but we used to have mums chocolate pudding everytime we had a roast dinner but for some reason that stopped. So now it’s something I associate with Christmas. It’s just a plain chocolate pudding but topped with custard and cream it’s just delicious. 

3. The Downton Abbey Christmas special
 After the presents have been opened,the Christmas films watched and the food eaten,there’s nothing better than sitting down to watch Christmas tv. Most importantly the Downton Abbey Christmas special. It’s been a tradition in the Pontin household since 2012 that on Christmas Day at 9pm,we sit and have our annual two hour special with the crawleys. I’m still not over the 2013 special where our beloved Matthew Crawley died in a car accident. No doubt this episode will end in tears too(hopefully the happy kind) as we bid farewell to the crawleys for the final time. *sob* 

4. Watching Christmas films on Christmas Day.
     It’s a tradition in the Pontin household to watch both The Holiday and Love Actually on Christmas Day without fail. They’re the two films that when I watch them I consider it to be Christmas. Plus I wouldn’t say no to Jude Law knocking at my door. Fun Fact: When I was about 12 me and mum were in London and we stumbled upon a premiere without even knowing it. I asked mum if we could stay and she said no. I later found out it was the premiere of The Holiday. I still haven’t forgiven her…I could have met Jude Law 🙊😂

5. Extra Christmas’s   Our Christmas continues for about a week after the big day. On Boxing Day my dad comes round and we spend the day with him where I open the remainder of the presents left under the tree and enjoy yet another Christmas dinner(with mums famous Christmas pudding). A few days after that we go to my nans for a few days and celebrate with her,my aunt,uncle and cousins before coming home and welcoming in the new year. 

There’s probably more which I can’t think of right now but if I do I’ll add them in. 

What are you Christmas traditions with in your household? I’d love to know. 

For now though I hope you all have a lovely Christmas however you’re celebrating and I’ll see you after the big day. 

Merry Christmas! 🌲❄️

Lots of love 

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