The Anti Bucket List 2015

Inspired by the lovely Emma Gannon’s post about her Anti Bucket List, I thought I would take a look back on my years achievements and exciting things that happened.

– I visited and fell in love with New York. Fulfilled a dream I’d had for ages by going into Tiffanys(Audrey Hepburn had been in there people. Omg). Got very emotional about it. Made my friend take loads of pics of me outside.

– Tried a macaroon for the first time. They’ve since become my favourite thing.

– Saw Ralph Fiennes on stage(so good)

– Went to see Birdsong another three times giving me some amazing memories with the 2015 cast

– Moved into my first flat(I now have to manage my money (aah)

– Got my first bylines in Tv Choice and Total TV Guide magazines. Realised that’s where I’d like to work

– Met Laura Camichael at the last ever Downton event *sob*

– Got a lovely letter from the editor of Vogue

– Varied my reading horizons and discovered the Grantchester mysteries book series.

– Met one of my all time favourite authors,Lindsey Kelk who told me if it was possibly for her to write a book,it was for me too. So lovely.

– Got my braces off(finally!)

– Sang my heart out on more than one occasion. George Ezra,Lawson and S Club 7,thanks for some of the best nights ever!

– Wrote 10,000 words of my novel.

– Experienced a spa for the first time. I’d quite happily have a massage every week. Please and Thankyou 😂

– Tried my hand at hosting a radio show. Such fun!

Looking back I can’t believe how much I’ve achieved this year. What a great year it was.

Things I’m looking forward to next year:

1. Seeing Sheridan Smith and Pixie Lott on stage

2. Graduating! 🎓😬

3. Going back to TV Choice magazine.  


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