A week away

Last weekend I went and surprised my nan with a visit. You know those moments when you just need to have some family time? It was one of those. 

I orginally only planned on staying till Wednesday but I couldn’t bring myself to leave,so went till the Friday instead. It was a busy but lovely week. Something I think we both needed. I don’t see my nan as much as I’d like to so it was lovely to spend time with her. 

I finally finished ‘Always with Love’ by Giovanna Fletcher. I went shopping and treated my nan to lunch. We went to Amersham and I bought way too many records. I revisited Roald Dahls museum in Great Missenden and got to sit at his makeshift desk in the hut he used to write in and got very excited about it. I came away very inspired…and then I got my uni results. In less than 3 weeks time I’m graduating with a 2.2. 7 marks off a 2.1 but I’m pleased,considering my parents were told that I wouldn’t go to a mainstream school,let alone university. Not bad going for someone who had jaw surgery right in the middle of second year either,I don’t think. 

I also went and visited my auntie at her cafe in Berkhamstead. If you’re ever round that area go in and have a cuppa and slice of cake,you won’t regret it. I was going to include some pictures of the food,but it sort of slipped my mind. By the time I thought about it,it was gone. You’ll just have to take my word that it’s so good. 

On Saturday I ventured to London for West End Live. A free event for theatre fans held in Trafalgar Square each year that gives audiences a feel of shows being put on in the west end. I’ve been three times before and it never gets old. Such a great event. After I’d watched the likes of Mamma Mia,Wicked,Crazy for You and Sunny Afternoon,I made my way to the ticket booth and bagged myself tickets to see Jersey Boys. It was amazing! One of the best musicals I’ve seen in a long time.  The evening ended in the only way a stagey day could…at the Theatre Cafe. 

Right now I’m in the middle of packing as I’m moving out of my flat and back home on Friday. It’s been an amazing three years. I can’t wait to graduate with some of my closest friends in 3 weeks time. 
Hope you’re all well 


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