I met Billie Piper! Yerma Theatre Review 

On Saturday I got to fufill one of my dreams I’d had for a long time. I got to go and see Billie Piper on stage. I’d waited years for it having been a fan since 2006 when I first saw her in Phillip Pullmans The Ruby in the Smoke. Dr Who followed. Rose and 10 were my favourite. Since then I’ve devoured everything she’s been in. Mostly rewatching Mansfield Park and Secret Diary of a Call Girl over and over. Hannah and Ben though. Still not over it. I still can’t listen to Someone like You by Adele without it giving me all the feelings. 

I remember asking my mum over and over again if I could get Billie’s autobiography,Growing Pains when I was around 11. When she gave in I devoured it in a few days. The first book I remember doing that with. It still remains a favourite. So much so that I have two copies. The hardback and the paperback(which includes an extra few chapters). Needless to say you can probably guess which one I lugged around London with me that day. The hardback obvs. 

Needless to say having waited ages to see Billie on stage I booked tickets,luckily before it sold out to see her in Yerma. A play based on Federico Garcia’s Lorca which had been modernised and brought up to date by the amazing Simon Stone. The story follows a successful journalist,who is only referred to as Her,and her husband John as they try to conceive. After various years and countless rounds of IVF and still no progress,Her begins to lose control reaching a tragic end. 

Set in a glass box,the set change are easily executed through the use of a blackout after each scene,giving the people behind the scenes the chance to quickly change the set from an expensive studio apartment in London Marleybone,to their back garden and a muddy festival ground with rain pattering against the glass.  

Billie Piper is absolutely outstanding in this role. I couldn’t take my eyes off her or the rest of the cast. I felt so much for her character. To think how true this situation is to so many women is heartbreaking. 

Alongside Billie,Brendan Cowell’s performance as Her’s husband, John was brilliant. Particularly in the festival scene near the end. You could see how worried he was and how much that he too was effective. I feel like most women forget that their husbands too are involved and also feel frustrated but this showed so well that they too go through the same feelings. 

I was so in this play that after the 1hr,40mins my mouth had turned so dry that I hadn’t needed a drink so much in my life. I also had to sit until most of the auditorium had cleared before I could get up. I was shaking so much that I had to remind myself to breathe through the sheer intensity of it. 

If you can beg,borrow or steal a ticket for this absolutely heartbreak,incredible play. It’s most definitely worth waiting in the long returns queue to witness this amazing masterpiece of theatre. 

After regaining my sort of normal composure I made my way into the bar to hopefully meet Billie and tell her how amazing her performance was. Shoutout to the lovely girl I met waiting,it was lovely to meet you. 

Billie came out not long later and signed for everyone who was there and took photos. She signed my copy of Growing Pains and I managed to squeak a ‘I’ve been a fan of yours for years so to see you on stage was absolutely amazing’. To which she replied ‘ah Thankyou so much’. We then took these lovely photos. Shoutout to Tim for putting up with me going completely insane after these were taken. 

See Billie Piper on stage and meet her after? Check✔️✔️✔️. 

Now,I’m going to go and stare at my photo again. Like I haven’t been doing in since it was taken Ha! 



Bugsy Malone 40th Anniversary Bash! 

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the 1920s. You can imagine my excitement then, when I found out it was announced they were celebrating 40 years of Bugsy Malone with an exhibition,screening of the film and a very own Fat Sam’s speak easy at BAFTA picadilly. 

It was Bugsy Malone that made me fall in love with the 20s in the first place. The fashion, music and awesome headdresses. I remember watching Bugsy for the first time when I was about 8. I was sat in a classroom,surrounded by my peers on a Friday afternoon,the last school hour of the week. My favourite teacher(Mrs Duncan,who,fun fact taught me gymnastics when I was 5) put on the film about gangsters who shot each other with splurge guns filled with shaving foam who visited a New York bookshop which just so happened to be a speakeasy. Whilst everyone else sat and watched bits of it,I was completely absorbed. So much so that I asked what the film was called and purchased it on DVD not long after. I think it was the first DVD I actually brought. 

Anyway,back to the reason for this blogpost and the Bugsy Malone 40th anniversary event report. 

With the 20s being my favourite era,there was no way I wasn’t going to go dressed in style! Wearing my black flapper dress(well closest to anyway) me and mum made our way to the train station to meet our friends and mums work colleagues,Jen and Trish for a day spent in the 20s. 
Expecting the BAFTA building to be a prominent landmark we were surprised to find it tucked away in the middle of Picadilly,not far from the billboards that Picadilly is known for. Like most places in London the best are tucked away in little nooks. BAFTA was no different. 

Walking in it was immediately as though we were royalty. Ok maybe a bit dramatic but I felt important anyway. A man dressed in 1920s attire informed us that the event was happening upstairs and to enjoy our day. It was great to imagine who had walked up those stairs. 
After collecting our tickets we made our way into ‘Fat Sams’ a room decorated out with different activities from custard pie throwing,to splurge gun shooting,a dress up photo booth and character named mocktails. 

With three activities to choose from,we immediately made our way to the photobooth taking some 1920 inspired photos,dressed up in the different headpieces and hats that were on offer! We had a great laugh,as you can see below. 

Next,we had a go at the custard pie throwing which proved a complete fail on most of our parts. We done better on the splurge gun shooting though so it wasn’t all bad. 

We then made our way upstairs to the exhibition. Not before finding Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch though🙊

The exhibition was filled with loads of behind the scenes photos of the cast,a mini version replica of the car used in the film and a real life spurge gun! I also found lots of BAFTA memorabilia which I though was rather cool.  

After a wander around,taking far too many photos,we went back into ‘Fat SAMs’ for a mocktail before going to watch Bugsy Malone in the most poshest and comfiest theatre ever. We even got out picture taken on the stage as we were the first ones in. 

Like with most films,you notice different things each time. We were surprised to see how different film making had changed since 1974 when this film was made. Examples being actors messing up their lines but still being kept in,actually listening more to the lyrics,and how different the film is when you watch it as an adult rather than a child. It is however,still one of those films that is classed as a classic! Nothing has ever been done like it since. And that’s what makes it so unique. 

The day ended with a natter and dinner in Garfunkles before travelling home. All in all it was a wonderful day and I’m so glad I got to live out my fantasy of being a part of the 1920s for the day. 

Think Positive! 

I’ve been stuck in a rut lately. I feel like since finishing uni I’ve been rather lost. For someone who likes to have everything planned out and know what she’s doing next I found it rather odd. I’ve felt really negative and not myself. 

I went to the hospital today to have my last joint clinic with my orthodontist and the surgeon who done my jaw surgery nearly two years ago. It was weird being back. All was well but as I came out I said to my dad that that surgeon had literally changed my life. And then I broke down and cried. It was as though all this built up emotion of the past few months had suddenly built up and was finally released. Thinking about it though,it was probably built up emotion from the operation itself. After I had it done it felt as though I was in auto pilot and it took me ages to know how I felt. 

My orthodontist asked if I was glad I’d had it done. My answer:100%. I know it sounds like a cliche,but the surgeon really did change my life. I’ve become so much more confident and happier in myself since. Even though to him it was just his job-to me it was everything I didn’t know I needed. It was a new start and a completely new outlook. 
I came away after that appointment annoyed that I let myself be so down about things. 

From now on:

-I’m going to start thinking positive again! A job will come up soon. For now I’m going to enjoy the free time I have. 

-I’ll continue working on my novel. Especially as there are professional literary people are interested in reading it. Amelia and Dylan now is your chance to shine. Don’t let me down. 

-Carry on blogging. I don’t know what about exactly but something is bound to come up. Suggestions welcome. 

-Go to the theatre and do fun things as much as possible. Starting with the 40 years of Bugsy Malone exhibition on Sunday. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Friends Fest at the end. And hopefully Funny Girl,Guys and Dolls and Yerma thrown in for good measure too. 

-Enjoy the little things and stay positive. The negativity isn’t helping anyone. Especially yourself. 

-Stop worrying about whether a guy likes you. Let go of the fantasy you had about developing a relationship with him when he doesn’t make the effort to talk to you. If he likes you he will. The right guy will come along,you just have to patient. Stop looking. Concentrate on the great things in life. 

-Read more. As much as you can. Anything. Everything. Write about it. 

-Just Live.