#FriendsFest Event Report!☕️

Last Sunday me and Lucy went to visit Monica and the gang at Friends Fest. By that I mean we got to spend the day at Haggerston Park pretending we were in the tv show Friends. Could we have BEEN anymore excited? Probably not by the amount of photos we took,which I’ll add throughout this post. 
We got to hang out in Monica’s apartment. Well a replica,but a pretty good one at that. We took numerous photos by and of the famous blue front door. We sat in the kitchen where the friends had sat,lounged on Monica’s sofa,and pretended to be Rachel in the episode before the break up episode. ‘Y.O.U.R apostrophe E means you’re, Y.O.U.R means your’. Still one of my favourite episodes. 

We played table football in Joey and Chandlers and played ‘Draw’ in the comfy black chairs. We sat in the wooden boat in the episode where Kathy cuts Chandlers Hair and pretended to be part of the friends gang. We also recreated the title sequence. ‘I’ll be there for youuuu’

The best thing though was getting to visit Central Perk,the famous coffee house which the friends favourited. Getting to sit on the famous couch was amazing! They even had a set up of Phoebe’s open mic set where you could sing ‘Smelly Cat’. We then enjoyed a cuppa outside Central Perk and unfortunately we weren’t allowed to have it in. 

We also took part in a silent disco and learnt the famous New Years Eve dance routine. So much fun! 

After giving all our energy in the dance,we made our way to the Moondance diner where Monica worked in series 1 and set her prosthetic boob on fire. We then sat and watched some of the best moments in big deck chairs on the big screen before visiting The Vegas Wedding Chapel where Rachel and Ross got hitched in Vegas. We even got to try on wedding dresses! Needless to say I won’t be getting married anytime soon,I was so scared I was going to stand on the dress and rip it that its I put me off for a good few years haha! 

We then spent a fair bit of money in the shop before leaving the world of friends behind. It was so great to be able to experience the atmosphere of Friends Fest. A must for every fan of the show. 
Thanks Comedy Central for putting it together and to Lucy for coming with me. I couldn’t imagine spending a Friends filled day with anyone else.