February 2017☺

February was a mixture of quiet and busy. I spent the majority of my time this month binging How I Met Your Mother round Paul’s. We started it in October,we’re now on series 8 and I am obsessed! Any Robin and Barney shippers out there?! Just look how cute they are! 

The 14th was Valentine’s(obviously) so I made my way to Canterbury to see Paul and spend the day with him. Not that we need a specific day to show love and appreciation for the other person but hey was an extra nice day. Upon entering his room there was a single red rose and a handwritten poem he had written on the side for me. Talk about cutest person ever! We then got the bus to Herne Bay(Fun Fact:It was the place we had our first proper kiss) so we naturally relived one of our first dates. Lunch at spoons followed by 4 games of air hockey(all of which he won!) I will win the trophy back from him! I’m determined! Then spending way too much money on the slot machines before mini golf. Which he once again won! Grr! Close call though. We then ended the day with more HIMYM and a girls two best friends Ben and Jerry cookie dough. 

Me and mum went to London on the 17th and I took some very artsy photos. Perhaps photography could be a new career. Was so lovely to be back in my favourite city. 

And on Sunday me and Paul went on a double coffee date with my friends Sophie and James which was lovely. 

Hope you’ve all had a good February! Let’s hope the weather begins to pick up!

Next Month: March:

-Olly Olly Olly! Finally get to see Olly Murs at the 02 at the end of the month. Had it booked since August of last year!

-I’m also going to see An American in Paris which I’m also excited about! Feel like I haven’t been to the theatre for ages so looking forward to that. 

-No doubt a few more London trips and days out to look forward to too. I also aim to vlog more so keep an eye on my YouTube channel. 

Lots of love 

E 💕


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