30 Day Writing Challenge:Day 4

Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you

A day late. Apologies for that. There are many people that inspire me that it’s hard to choose just one. If I had to choose though I’d have to say: 

My mum: Like I am to my mum,my mum is also a huge inspiration to me. As cliche as it sounds I’d be completely lost without her. She’s been there through everything and all the emotions I have,with me. All the stress of uni work,she was there stressing with me. When I had my jaw surgery no one considered how weird it was for her(or my dad) but they both coped so well. She was there cheering me on at my graduation and has been there to pick me up when I’ve been down. From endless Gilmore Girls marathons to everything in between. She will always be my biggest cheerleader supporting me through everything. If you’re reading this mum,which you likely are because I’ve told you that you were mentioned,then words can’t describe how much I love you. You’ll always go be the Lorelai to my Rory ❤️


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