30 Day Writing Challenge:Day 5

Day 5: List five places you want to visit 

I’ve wanted to visit Dublin ever since I saw Once The Musical way back in 2014. It was one of the most amazing pieces of theatre I’ve ever witnessed and to go and see the place where it’s set,and find the road and piano shop that was used in the film before it was a stage show would be amazing! 


When I was about 13 I went through a phase of loving West Side Story and particularly the actor Richard Bermer who played Tony. Now,when I love a film so much I tend to watch every film that a certain actor has been in. Therefore The Diary of Anne Frank became one that I watched over and over. Even now I still cry everytime at the end. So I’d love to visit Amsterdam so I could visit the Anne Frank house and museum. And to find The Fault in Our Stars bench,obvs. 


Purely because of the Lizzie McGuire movie,the trephe fountain and all the pizza and pasta you could eat. Talk about heaven. 


This is just a place that just sounds and looks so calm. Surrounded by the sound of the sea and all the beautiful scenery. It’s definitely a place I’d love to visit. 


Ok so this may happen in the near future as Paul’s grandparents are from near here. But ever since I read and went through my Birdsong phase it’s always a place I’d love to visit. Aswell as the Somme,although I’m not actually sure how close they are together. Either way it’s a place I’d like to visit. 


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