30 Day Writing Challenge:Day 6

Day 6: Five ways to win my heart ❤️ 

This was a question I found quite difficult to answer as it’s something I hadn’t really thought about. However after much thought these are the 5 I came up with. 

1. Accept me for who I am completely 

My weirdness of saying random things and not really thinking before saying things. My love of tv programmes I’ll get obsessed over and talk about like they’re real people. The fact I drink lots of tea,and just me for how I am inside and out. 

2. Make me laugh 

Laughing is one of the things I love doing the most. You know that laughing till your belly hurts,tears rolling down your face laughing? Yeah,that. 

3. Generally want to spend time with me

Nothing better than knowing someone wants to spend time with me and just be with me. Whether that’s going on an adventure and out somewhere or just cuddling on the couch,the fact you want to spend time with me is nice to know. 

4. Talking to me honestly and openly 

About everything and anything. Silly or serious things. A mixture of both. Something as silly as what dream you had or seriously about things that are going in each other’s lives etc. 

5. Showing you care through the little things

Through the little things like making me tea,or giving me lots of cuddles. 


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