30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: List 10 songs you’re loving right now 

1. WolfmotherCaroline
Paul recently got me into this band after we watched 500 days of summer and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Caroline reminds me of our lazy Sundays where we would just sit and write. 

2. WolfmotherFar Away

Another Wolfmother song purely because this was the song that Paul said was his favourite on the Cosmic Egg album. It has also become one of mine,and one I play at any excuse. 

3. La La LandSomeone in the Crowd

This whole soundtrack is my new obsession. It’s one of the best films ever and one I can’t wait to own on DVD. It’s Someone in The Crowd though that is probably my favourite. The choreography and scene that goes along with this song is incredible. The whole movie is. I just love it so much.  

4. The ChainsmokersParis

I’ve been a fan of The Chainsmokers since their first single ‘Closer’ came out. This one is just another catchy song that is great. 

5. Little MixTouch

I’m not really the biggest fan of Little Mix but their songs are so catchy. I often find myself humming along to this one when it comes on my playlist. 

6. Olly MursBefore You Go

Olly’s new album 24hrs has been on repeat quite a lot over the past month. Mainly because I get to see him in just over three weeks time. IM SO EXCITED! But it’s recently this song that I’ve been playing the most. Such a great song. 

7. Robbie WilliamsLove my Life
Robbie Williams will always remind me of car journeys with my parents. Love my Life along with Go Gentle will always be what I consider mine and my dads songs because they just seem so prominent. 

8. Half a SixpenceFlash Bang Wallop
This song just makes me SO happy! Everytime I hear it I sing along. I got surprised with tickets to see this yesterday for my birthday(a week later on the 8th April) I can’t wait to see this live. 

9. BastillePower

 Bastille will always remind me of uni and Amie and how we used to get excited anytime their music came on in Myth. I love their new album but Power just has such a great beat and is a song I find I put on when I’m walking up or down the road. 

10. Beautiful the MusicalI Feel the Earth Move
A song I always find myself mouthing along the words to on trains and tapping my feet to. The whole soundtrack is amazing but this song particularly is one of my favourites. 

What songs are you loving right now? 


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